Thursday, February 28, 2008

Library Legislative Day at the state capital

Wednesday, I took a personal day (use it or lose) and venture into the world of Educational lobbying. It was sunny but cold as I crossed into the Judicial Building. The state buildings are truly beautiful old and graceful. They also have a beauty in what they represent. Yes-it sounds corny but I feel a deep sense of pride in those you went before.

I tagged along with one large to learn how to lobby!
I meet with my "home" Senator Geoff Michel and my school Representative- Representative Sharon Anderson both with no appointment. Both were gracious and welcoming-pretty cool for a newbie. It was a lesson for me --again--how important and accessible grass root democracy can be! it will be an annual event for me.

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Ann WS said...

Glad you made it to Legislative Day--it was fun! Hope you plan on keeping on with the Things!