Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wireless network at home and 54 year old eyes!

21st Century Networking -at home or 54 year old eyes!

I have just configured my own wireless network at home! ta-duh! With security. next mission set up the printer on wireless. It only took 1-hour and one 20 minute phone call to Tech support in India.
Savarh works just outside of Bombay.
After a sad admission on my part--that I could not read the small print on the router for the model number--we found it . In less than 10 minutes we added what I
Image above taken from the Linksys web page
needed. We talked about his location and the weather in India--rather nice compared to Minnesota. He even mentioned an email survey that was coming and requested I complete it. He was kind enough to explain the rating scale 1=bad and 5=good
(the best!).
Thomas Freidman told me this was coming!

To test our connection I navigated to Google--interesting at 11:59 4/19/08 I was only able to get ot Google Germany. Totally in German. No hassles for me...I simply remember the location of the image search and found the image you see on this blog! A glitch perhaps but very interesting in the "World is Flat" scenario!
Oh well as the German's say. "Auf gut Gluck!

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