Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Dog on his Own written by Mary Jane Auch

After six names and six owners, canine K-10 doesn’t trust humans. Back in the animal shelter again, he insists he’s no stray, just independent. Along with two other shelter dogs, Pearl and Peppy, K-10 escapes.  He finds that freedom  isn’t as that easy. K-10 has a tough time finding food and a safe place to sleep.
When Peppy is returned to his owner and Pearl leaves, K-10 falls in with the tough street duo Adolph, a brutish Doberman, and his Rottweiler sidekick, Rotter.  It is good to be in a pack but are these dogs really friends?  K-10 is forced to prove his loyalty, which leads to injury and a heartbreaking series of events.

This is a fun story with dangers, adventure and suspense.  Told from K-10's point of view (POV) readers will learn more about dogs, loyalty and true friendship!  If you are a dog lover or an adventure lover you will like this book!   

This one of the 12 Maud Hart Nominees for 2013  Click here to view them all

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